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Distributed renewables and smart grid technologies are the future.

We’re challenging the energy industry and reinventing how things are done.

We’ve built Piclo - an online Peer-to-Peer Energy Marketplace that lets people buy and sell energy directly.

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  • Eden Project joins the Piclo trial

    Eden Project joins Piclo, the UK's first online peer-to-peer market for renewable energy. Our 6-month Piclo trial with Good Energy begins on October 1st. Press release

  • Piclo is go

    Trading has begun on Piclo, the UK's first online peer-to-peer renewable energy market.
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  • The future of the UK electricity industry

    What is the future of the UK electricity industry? OU CEO James lays out a vision for local energy markets - and how Piclo fits in.
    Local energy markets

  • Nominet Trust 100 Winners

    We're honoured to have been awarded a spot on 2014's list of Nominet Trust winners - using the internet to do good things in the world.
    About Nominet Trust 100 awards

  • 500K in funding secured

    Open Utility is excited to reveal that we've received 500K funding from The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC), Nominet Trust and Climate-KIC in order to trial our innovative Peer-to-Peer Energy Marketplace idea.
    Funding Announcement press release