Introducing Piclo®

Piclo® is a new kind of marketplace that enable households and businesses
to transact peer-to-peer with local generators.

Piclo website for customers

How does Piclo® work?

  • Smart meters record how much energy is put onto and taken off the grid
  • Our Piclo® peer-to-peer technology uses this data to match customers with the local generation sources in an optimal and fair way
  • Our utility company partners provide top-up energy, manage billing and underwrite contracts

Why join Piclo® ?

  • People can choose to buy local renewable electricity
  • Businesses can maximise CSR value from their energy bills
  • Renewable generators can participate in a local energy market
tarriffs come to life

"Peer-to-peer trading is becoming an important pillar of the decentralised energy system."

James Johnston, CEO Open Utility


We partner with utility companies across the world to deliver Piclo®
Please get in touch if you want to become our next partner.

Current partners: