Buy electricity straight from the source

Renewable power is being generated all around us. Open Utility is developing a service that will let you buy electricity directly from local suppliers.

Want real choice?

With Open Utility you will be able to buy electricity from renewable generators you know, support or live near.

With your Open Utility account, you can be as hands on with your power as you like. If you know a local renewable generator, then invite them to join Open Utility to buy directly from them.

If you don’t know anyone generating near you, we will automatically match you with local sources that suit your preferences.

Our vision

We’ll tell you exactly where your electricity comes from and how it’s generated
Personalised tariffs
Set your preferences and Open Utility will work on your behalf to get you the best prices
Open and fair market
View all your local generators and choose who you pay for your power

Why now?

Millions of homes and businesses are already generating renewable power and more will be joining them as the cost of renewables continue to plummet.

Open Utility is being built from the ground up to handle this new era of power generation. Using the latest web and data technologies we will provide you with unparalleled control and customer experience.

Are you a generator?

Want to sell your energy to people you know? Here are some of the benefits of using Open Utility:

  • Create a profile page and give your generator visibility
  • Find other local generators and connect with them
  • Sell electricity at prices you set and to people you know
  • See who’s buying your electricity in real-time